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Ads-by-skupe: Results based advertising where you only pay for the visitors you receive

Promote your products and only pay when a highly targeted visitor comes to your website in order to investigate an item you have available today. Ads-by-skupe is an advertising network of publishing partners who promote your products to their visitors.
ads-by-skupe The system is easy use,
  • Can be used with any product list or classified type (cars, boats, houses, catalogues etc.) - only pay for visitors you receive.
  • No keywords - your products are automatically used to target the adverts.
  • Simple pricing - no bidding required. Just set a daily budget and receive visitors at a fixed cost per visitor until your budget has been used.
  • Benefit from additional FREE advertising on, the search engine for classifieds
Ads-by-skupe are placed on a network of partner publisher websites and you only pay for the click-through visitors you receive.

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