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Classified Posting System - TxtUrAd

TxtUrAd is a joint venture with mobile specialist, Sremium; it is a highly effective system for collecting well structured classified adverts from the public. Using just a mobile phone, customers can send photographs for their adverts and utlise a highly effective automatic voice system to place and manage their adverts.
In addition to using their mobile phone, customers can also use the online portal to manage their adverts, view results and renew or edit the advert. Both the online and mobile system enable you to generate additional revenue via upsales.
  • Open 24/7

    - the system enables you to continue generating revenue even when the office is closed.
  • Easy to use

    - the system delivers more customers as it is easy to use. A simply txt is all it takes for your cutomers to get started.
  • Integrated

    - collect your adverts, generate print previews and deliver the advert to your print and online systems automatically. Streamline your business process and reduce costs by removing the need for manual intervention. The system can integrate with your existing online search or integrates the listings into Ad-Centric's™ powerful Classified Search
  • Flexible Payments

    - TxtUrAd supports a wide range of payment collection options, including Phone Credit, Credit Card and PayPal
  • Structured Distribution

    - collect adverts just once and distribute to other publishers in your network. The advert content can be transformed into well structured data (for example, make of car or number of bedrooms etc.) and then transmitted for re-use into a diverse selection of publishing channels.

Easy set up

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