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Advertising for Businesses

Skupe Net provides a number of solutions to help Avdertisers generate more sales leads in a cost effective fashion.

  • Carpages for UK Car dealers

    - Carpages is one of the best online car buying resources in the UK and generates a huge number of sales leads for dealers. The site displays cars on news, reviews and search pages in addition to a traditional car search. read more..
  • Smart Banners for Display advertising

    - Display advertising is a key component in any online campaign that seeks to extend brand awareness. Skupe Net's Smart Banner technology enhances display by introducing actual live products for sale into the banners in order to improve the campaign performance. read more..
  • Ads by Skupe

    - Ads by Skupe is a simple to use advertising network designed to promote an advertisers' products on a network of websites. Unlike Google Ads, there are no keywords or bidding to worry about; the advertisers products are used instead of keywords and clients only pay a fixed charge when a visitor clicks through to their website. read more..