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Advertising Manager

The Ad-Centric™ Advertising Manager enables advertisers to easily manage and book ads, allowing them to choose from the advertising offers, select the products/services to be promoted and set the appropriate budget in just a few clicks. With comprehensive ad-booking and feedback through reporting /statistics, Ad-Centric gives Publishers a real competitive advantage in dealing with their advertisers.

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  • Ad Booking

     - self-service or sales team assisted ad-booking, allows advertisers to easily choose the appropriate advertising offer (online and web-to-print). The advertiser can purchase classifieds and/or display advertising and select the products/service they wish to feature/promote.
  • Reporting/Metrics

     - provides feedback on advertising performance. Allows the advertiser, at a glance, to see how many times their adverts are shown and how many leads have been generated (clicks, emails, etc.)
  • Account Management

     - enables advertisers to view and manage their marketing spend. The system integrates with publishers payment solutions to support business accounts, credit cards, paypal, etc..
  • Workflow

     - publisher specific workflow can be implemented to facilitate ad approval etc.
  • Content Import / Distribution

    open design allows;
     - advertiser products to be easily imported from third party systems for use in classifieds and display ads.
     - classifieds inventory to be exported for onward distribution to other publisher systems or third parties, as required

Easy set up

Contact Skupe Net today to find out how easy it is to implement Ad-Centric™ advertising manager for your business.