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Online Business Directory Solutions

The Ad-Centric™ Business Directory system allows publishers to quickly and cost effectively deliver the business directory that they want.
  • Versatile

    - The look and feel can be customised quickly to deliver the user experience that a publisher requires. Available features include map displays,customer testimonials and video advertising
  • Integrated

    - The system enables publishers to create a business directory website that can be 'stand alone ' or can be quickly integrated into publishers existing content rich websites.
  • Valueable

    - The core 'Internet Yellow Pages' offer is not a highly valued advertising purchase for many businesses, the reason for this is that many websites (such as Google etc.) already generate valuable exposure for companies without charging them. The Ad-Centric™ directory enables publishers to sell valuable 'packages' to businesses by including many enhanced options, including video ads, competitor targeting and Smart Banner display advertising.
  • Convenient

    - Every advertiser is able to login to the Ad-Centric™ control centre where they can edit their business data and view their advertising results. Advertisers can also purchase and manage additional advertising campaigns as well as any other advertising options they are availaing of, such as Classifieds Listings etc.
    Larger clients can automatically feed their business data information into Ad-Centric™ using the extensive data import functionality

Easy set up

Contact Skupe Net today to find out how easy it is to implement Ad-Centric™ Business Directory for your business.