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Case Overview

Carpages is a search engine for all things motoring, containing reviews, news and car buyer guides with over 14,000 pages of content. It was established in 1999 and is ranked as a Top 20 UK motoring web site by Hitwise. It attracts over 800,000 visitors each month and generates its revenue from display advertising.

The Challenge

- To engage more closely with users by delivering a comprehensive and easy-touse classifieds solution in a cost-effective way that would generate additional revenue opportunities and strengthen the Carpages brand.



  • Provide best-in-class solution that integrates seamlessly with existing site
  • Provide a compelling user experience
  • Persuade the maximum number of dealers to buy advertising space
  • Maximise advertising revenue


  • Carpages established as significant motoring car locator (Top 10 motoring classifieds Hitwise ranking)
  • Growing usage with 15-20% of Carpages traffic now classified search
  • Growing dealer classified advertising revenue
  • Increased delivery of premium banner advertising

Skupe Net Solution Used

Skupe Net supplied their Ad-Centric™ Classified Search platform. The solution was tightly integrated with the Carpages exisiting content management system in a matter of days. Cars for sale are listed on over 75% of Carpage's web pages in a manner that enhances the users web experience and the website now enjoys page 1 Google rankings for all the important car search phrases.