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Carpages is listed on page 1 of Google for every key 'car buying' search phrase. It is the ideal way for UK Car Dealers to advertise their cars cost effectively. Carpages contains 14,000 pages of motoring news and reviews. It reaches an audience of over

1.2m unique users

  per month; users who are preparing to buy their next car. skupe-net
In 2008, consistently ranked as a
  • Top10 UK Automotive Classifieds Website

    by Hitwise
  • Top20 UK General Automotive Website

    by Comscore
Numerous Motoring Manufacturers utilise Carpages to promote their range of vehicles via banner and display advertising.
There is no smarter way to promote your dealership and your vehicles than to include them on
Featuring your vehicles in the Carpages Car Locator includes the following great benefits,
  • Featured cars are included on every news and review story
  • Every featured car is included with your company logo and picture in the search results
  • When a user clicks on a featured car for more details, they can be presented with a full detail window that includes your logo and branding* to your specifications (*the fully branded detail page is available for an additional charge)

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