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Classified Advert Search

The Ad-Centric™ classified search system is a high performance solution for publishers who are seeking a to provide their advertisers with the very best in classified advertising opportunities.

  • High Performance

    - Ad-Centric™ is built on search engine technology; many inferior systems are built on Database technology. This advanced approach provides a system that delivers high speed performance for millions of adverts to millions of users every day.
  • Versatile

    - the system can be configured very quickly to support many different categories of classifieds, cars for sale, dating, houses, boats, antiques etc. The Ad_Centric Search can be configured so that each category of advert can have a different advanced search dialog.
  • Integrated

    - The system works with your exisiting content and content management system to ensure you never miss an opportunity to promote your advertisers products in a way that enhances your web users experience. Click here for more information on classified integration
  • Low Overhead

    - The unique system enables you to set up a website wide comprehensive classifieds search in a matter of days. The system enables classified content to be utilised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As a fully hosted service, there is no requirement to purchase additional hardware or recruit extra technical staff.

Case Study

Click here to see our case study to find out how Skupe Net enabled Carpages to successfully deploy classifieds.

Easy set up

Contact Skupe Net today to find out how easy it is to implement Ad-Centric™ classified search for your business.