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Classified Integration

Ad-Centric™ provides a powerful integration platform in addition to the normal search dialogs associated with classifieds. This enables the publisher to deliver the ads they want, where they want, throughout their website. This increases the value of their advertising.

Integration scenarios

2: Displayed adverts drive publisher content

In this scenario the visitor is interacting with the search dialog and making selections. The publisher wishes to use these visitor selections in order to deliver 'interesting' content around the search results

This is easily achieved via a choice of two mechanisms,
  • Ad-Centric invokes a javascript function that pass the visitor selections to the publishers web page just before submission
  • Ad-Centric notifies an active web page of the users selection via serverside script just before the publishers server delivers resulting page to the visitor
The Ad-Centric™ server would deliver the adverts requested by the visitor in the red shaded area, in this case MINIs for sale and the publisher's servers surround these ads with links to MINI reviews and news.

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