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Classified Integration

Ad-Centric™ provides a powerful integration platform in addition to the normal search dialogs associated with classifieds. This enables the publisher to deliver the ads they want, where they want, throughout their website. This increases the value of their advertising.

Integration scenarios

1: Publisher content drives ads selection

In this scenario the publisher has content that they would like to deliver relevant ads beside. The illustration shows a publishers car review for a MINI Cooper.

This is easily achieved via a choice of three mechanisms,
  • Ad-Centric reads the page and automatically sets the context
  • The publisher can pass 'keywords' into the ad-widget in order to set the context
  • The publisher can set the page context via meta-tags in the page header
The Ad-Centric™ server would then identify the adverts that match the web page and delivers them, in this case it delivers the MINI adverts shown in the shaded red area.

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