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Classified Websites

Skupe Net specialise in creating high volume, high useage classified based websites. Skupe Net can supply a complete website solution for property, motoring and recruitment portals; the solution combines Skupe's comprehensive technology platform and a custom designed graphical website. This approach creates a cost effective solution combined with a user experience that is unqiue for the client.

SIMI Classifieds
Clients such as the SIMI have used Skupe Net to create their motoring portal, (illustrated right). The website is based on the Skupe Net platform integrated with a custom graphical design provided by Cemac (

More than just a website

- Skupe Net websites are ideal for affinity groups and membership based organisations for the following reasons,
  • The classifieds search engine can be used in a central group site in addition to providing a unique website for each participating member, for example a central property portal plus a website for every Estate Agent.
  • The classified listings can be distributed from the central hub to numerous third party advertisng sites.
  • A reporting dashboard allows each member to view the advertising results being delivered for their listings.
  • The listings can be manged easily via a web based interface or automatically synchronised via third party systems or wesbites
SIMI Classifieds

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