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Business Website Creator

In 2008, over 50% of US small businesses did not have a website. The situation is similar for most European countries. These businesses will be seeking a marketing partner to simplify their transition to an online presence.
This represents a significant opportnity for media publishers who are able to offer a complete service encompassing...

Design & Host >> Print & Web Promotion >> Deliver Sales Leads

Skupe Net's Website creator provides the key 'Design & Host' component for publishers.
  • Simple

    - The Ad-Centric™ business website solution is simple to use, in less than 5 minutes a business can have their own functional website online.
  • Versatile

    - The website includes all the critical information normally associated with e-commerce websites, including business details, map and opening hours, a fully searchable product catalog with checkout, video advertorials and customer testimonials. The solution facilitates business websites ranging from 1 page to 100 pages.
  • Integrated

    - All business data and product information contained in the website can be re-used in the publishers' Business Directory, Classified Search and Smart Banner offers without the advertising being required to re-enter the information.
  • Low maintenance

    - Skupe Net provides and supports the business website creator as a hosted service. Their is no additional software or technical skills required by the publisher.
  • White Label

    - Best of all, the system enables publishers to build and cement their relationships with clients as the solution is designed and branded to the publishers requirements.

Easy set up

Contact Skupe Net today to find out how easy it is to implement Ad-Centric™ Business Website Creator for your business.