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Business Advertising and Private Classifieds solutions for publishers

Skupe Net's Ad-Centric™ Server is designed for large scale publishers. The platform delivers a wide range of 'white label' advertising products; products that the publisher can use to grow their advertising sales revenue and develop their brand.

Each product can be delivered as a stand alone application or can be integrated (as illustrated) with the other products to enable publishers to adopt a 'big picture' approach.
  • Private classified posting system

    - mobile phone and online system to collect private classified adverts with photographs for placement on websites and into conventional print. Payment collection and print preview options.
  • Business and Private Classified listing system

    - an integrated solution for displaying private classifieds and business classifieds on websites. The system can be configured for unlimited number of categories and advanced search function can be configured for each category, e.g. Cars for sale section can enable search by make and property section can search by number of bedrooms etc. Inventory supplied from private ad posting system and business data feeds.
  • Business Directories

    - the 'Online Yellow Pages' solution provides maps, business hours, video advertorials, promotions and testimonials to enable businesses to promote themselves.
  • Smart Banner Display Advertising

    - the smart banner advertising system enables publishers to sell display advertising (skyscrapers, banners etc.) to their business advertising clients. The system integrates with exisiting national brand advertising to create a versatile system applicable to all clients. Businesses can include live products and service information in their brand advertising campaigns, for example Estate Agents can include properties for sale etc.
  • Instant Business Websites

    - the unique small business website solution enables publishers to provide a full website solution to their clients, the websites are e-commerce enabled and include e-catalogues, video ads, testimonials etc.
  • Advertising Manager

    - enables advertisers to easily manage and book ads with just a few clicks. With comprehensive ad-booking and feedback through reporting /statistics, Ad-Centric gives Publishers a real competitive advantage in dealing with their advertisers.
  • Ad-Centric™ Search

    - it is vital that web users are able to find the information they need when looking for businesses, products or services. The Ad-Centric™ platform includes a powerful search engine that searches across all business data with one fast search. The search will also insert 'relevant' adverts alongside news stories and content, a vital feature for promoting your advertisers.

Management and Outsourcing

Skupe Net works with a variety of publishers and provides a service tailored to their requirements.
  • All Skupe Net technical services are delivered from our highly reslient server infrastructure, eliminating software and hardware set up costs for the publisher.
  • Skupe Net provides the full day-to-day management of advertising data to ensure publishers are free to focus on sales and long term revenue growth.
  • Skupe Net provides a fully outsourced ad sales function for a number of publishers

Video Enabled

The majority of Small and Medium Businesses view TV and Radio as a premium advertising medium that they cannot afford to utilise; this is one of the key drivers behind the growth of online video advertising. Over 40% of US car dealers now invest in online video and the sector is predicted to grow by 250% in the next 4 years. Video needs to be a key component of publishers advertising strategy, for example is already uploading their entire video library to YouTube