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Enabling car classifieds SIMI members

Case Overview

The SIMI ( is a professional trade body representing the Irish Car Market. Their members range from the smallest independent business through to major Car Manufacturers. They represent the majority of Car Dealers in the Irish market.

The Challenge

- To provide the SIMI members with a comprehensive online marketing solution. The solution needed to leverage the full value of their combined inventory and maximise the return of their online marketing budget.


  • To provide dealers with a web site that enables them to present their cars in a way that highlights the value of their offerring
  • To simplify the Dealers' process of managing their online and printed advertising
  • To assist the Dealers with the distribution of their listings to 3rd Party publishers
  • To provide dealers with a reporting system that enables them to gauge the effectiveness of their advertising spend
SIMI Classifieds SIMI Classifieds

Illustrated above is an overview of the full dealer system, right is an illustration of the website

Skupe Net Solution Used

The Ad-Centric™ Classified Search platform was deployed to act as a central data hub for all members. From the hub, dealers are able to manage their car listings either via the hub directly or via their existing Showroom/CRM management systems. A new 'approved cars' website, is available to the public to search these high quality listings. In addition the system will also provide a car search function for the Car Dealers' own website, the Manufacturers' website and also send the cars to other publishers (online and printed).