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Double the response rate of your advertising campaigns* with SmartBanners

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Here are some examples for our clients

- updateable with new offers every 15minutes

- interactive search dialogs

- lead capture with data collection

*clients typically experience at least a 100% increase in click-through-rates when compared to control ads or competitor placements. did offers banner datacapture banner vodafone smart banner donedeal smart banner entertainment

Smart Banners for Advertisers

Do you have compelling product or information that you would like to include in your Display Ads?

Smart Banners are ideal for Retailers, Estate Agents, Car Dealers and ANY business that manages a changing product or information set set. They are easy to set up and allow you to create advertisements that promote your brand and present the actual products or special offers that you have available today.

Would you like to increase the response rate of your Display Advertising Campaigns?

Online Banner advertising is a great way to build your brand recognition, however the direct response rates (typically less than 0.1%) can be less than desired. The innovative 'Smart Banner' engine creates interactive banners that engage the audience and encourages them to click through to compelling offers on your own website. skupe-net skupe-net
  • Create fully interactive display adverts to augment your normal display campaigns
  • Include a fully interactive search for you products on the display advert (e.g. Cars in stock search)
  • Show the inventory that is most relevant to the page the display advert is on

Increase your ROI by delivering highly targeted content

The Smart Banner engine includes a decision engine that targets the ads displayed based on the context of the Banner. Targeting capabilities include...
  • Matching adverts to the content of the hosting page (for example showing adverts for MINIs on a MINI review page)
  • Showing adverts that are near a user's location*
  • 'Remembering' which adverts previously interested a visitor
Smart Ad targeting is designed to increase the response generated for any campaign.

Smart Banners deliver results using your existing creative agency and publishers

The Smart Banner engine can be added to your new/existing creatives in order to insert interactive search dialogs and live products dynamically. The adverts are easy to set-up and manage with your existing creative agencies and publishers.

Example campaigns for clients

Click here to view a solution for Bentley Motors

About Skupe Net

Established in 2005, Skupe Net is an innovator in classifieds and works with numerous publishers and advertisers in order to maximise their return from online marketing.

*user location results can vary depending on internet service providers and geographies